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The C.A.L.M. Method

Center. Align. Listen. Move.

Intention is the purpose, motivation, or the desired outcome behind our actions.  What are we doing and why? All movement, whether consciously or unconsciously, flows from our intentions. Setting intent allows us to act from a place of choice rather than respond from a place of circumstance, to run toward rather than run from, and to actively engage with our environment by harnessing the power of our focus. What you focus on, you give power to because it becomes your intention.

Setting intention, by its very nature creates awareness of the disparities between our current and our desired outcomes. This awareness creates a sense of dissonance – of tension – between where we are and where we are going. How we define, interact with, and harness this tension ultimately determines not only our success with relation to goal attainment, but our decision making and sense of enjoyment along the way.

Strength, then, is the proficiency and efficiency in creating, sustaining, and directing tension.

With these concepts in mind, we developed the C.A.L.M. Method, a proprietary approach to strength training involving the entire person – mind, body and emotions. The C.A.L.M. Method is foundational to and built upon our Savage Pillars of Mindfulness, Movement, Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery, and Strength and is the heart of our training philosophy.

C.A.L.M. stands for Center, Align, Listen, and Move. This is how we approach our training session programming, every movement and lift we engage in, and our lives. As with the Savage Pillars, the C.A.L.M. Method goes beyond the physical, to the mental and emotional.  It is how we think, goal set, evaluate our internal and external environments, give and receive coaching, and how we move towards our desired end result – whether that is a more muscular physique, weight loss, or increasing our confidence in stressful situations.

What does it mean to be “C.A.L.M.”?

To live from a place of C.A.L.M. means that we are continually identifying our objectives, in every situation and circumstance.  Who do we want to be or become? What do we want?  What is the need beneath the desire?

Doing this allows us to Center our attention on our desired result.  The clearer we are about the underlying need and desired outcome, the better able we are to Align ourselves – our thoughts, emotions and actions, to move toward that place with the greatest possible efficiency.  

The Alignment created by intentionally acknowledging an objective, impacts our posture – internally and externally we are more confident, stronger in our intent.  We further Align to reach our objective by applying the training principles we have learned, trusting in the process and in the realization that what we don’t know now, we will discover along the way if we pay attention.

When we Center on an objective, such as knowing we will be working under heavy weight on a Max-Effort training day, and will want to move towards a Personal Record (PR), we are not only set up to Align ourselves and those around us to reach that objective but also increases our awareness of our own thoughts, and emotions, and the environment around us.  This awareness invites us to Listen – listen to the feedback our bodies are giving us, listen to the coaching, listen to our own thoughts and emotions, and by listening, giving ourselves multiple opportunities to re-align, in large and small ways.

When we have centered, aligned and listened, we can then Move with confidence.  That movement may be a Max-Effort squat for a PR, or a shift in our thinking from fear to excitement; it may be the precision of a Dynamic-Effort bench press practiced for the hundredth rep or the movement from hesitance to readiness as we redefine stress as tension and continue to further Center, Align and Listen; through a training session, through a day, through life.

This is how we equip our lifters to engage with their training both in and out of the gym, how we tie it all together, and yet another way we are making the strength community, the strength of the community.

The Savage Philosophy of Strength

We are not (a) normal (gym).

Coaching from the trenches

The Savage Pillars


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